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Henriette is globally available as a Facilitator, Speaker & Writer
on topics in her area of speciality related to
health, wealth & love.

Henriette Joubert Bespoke Bookings
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Bespoke Bookings


Henriette Joubert, Facilitator for Biodanza and Personal Development


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"Henriette recently co-facilitated one of my weekend transformational retreats. She did so with enthusiasm, compassion and bubbling energy. Not only did she effortlessly conduct a Biodanza session which was enormously successful but she held a captive audience the following day with a polished, eloquent talk.  She has a gentle strength and was loved by all who attended. I look forward to her presence at many retreats to come."

Chris Page

Author and Inspirational Speaker


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BwH-Swish-Dusty Azure-Trans-Bkg-714x136.

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