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Facilitated classes in Pretoria in creating your magnificent life of health, wealth & love through meaningful movement, supported by dances of vitality, sexuality, creativity, affectivity & transcendence.

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Biodanza classes in Pretoria are back! 

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An Invitation to Biodanza with Henriette

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Henriette started Biodanza in 1998 and completed the Rolando Toro School of Biodanza South Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa in the year 2000. Her thesis was a herstorical exploration of the Evolution of the Sexuality of the Afrikaner Woman, based on personal, ancestral and cultural experience and research. The thesis was presented to Rolando Toro himself in Johannesburg 2001.


Henriette obtained her International Biocentric Foundation Diploma as a Biodanza Facilitator in September 2002 and her Diploma as a Didactic Facilitator in September 2014.

Learning to love and be loved through exploring her own sexuality remains her favourite subject; She now draws on 10 Major Life Lessons she experienced, which are cognitively supported by the Theoretical Model of Biodanza, and is a progressive journey to Sexual Maturity, in her work as a Biodanza Facilitator, Muse, Speaker & Writer.

Biodanza Background

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Classes and Workshops:

She has facilitated numerous groups of Biodanza across Johannesburg with various themes over the many years. She relocated from Krugersdorp to Pretoria in 2010 and has since facilitated several weekly classes there. Classes in Pretoria are based on all five Lines of Biodanza.

Other Life:

Henriette is a mother of two adult children, a qualified & experienced Forensic Psycho-physiologist, self-employed owner of VSAPOLY - National Voice Stress & Polygraph Network.

“I pledge to continually serve the Biodanza Community to the best of my ability,

through consistent personal development and applying the BioCentric Principle.” 

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Biodanza is a dance form that brings together the magical triad of Movement, Music & Interaction with others.

"To be who we are, we are first who we are not."

- Henriette Joubert

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Biodanza helps the dancer let go of what they are not. 


1 year of Biodanza experience, or less

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These one-and-a half hour open classes for Novices are ideal for individuals, couples, men & women 18 years and older, who are completely new to Biodanza or have a little Biodanza experience.

If you are interested in starting personal development and creating your own Magnificent Life of Health, Wealth & Love and practicing to embody the wisdom gained, this Level is for you.


1 year of Biodanza or more

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The classes for Explorers are designed for Biodanceros with at least 1 year or more experience of Biodanza.


Classes are 2 hours long, giving Explorers more opportunity to connect more deeply with self and others.


2 years or more Biodanza experience

Biodanza with Henriette Joubert in Centurion, Gauteng for Connoisseurs

Connoisseurs of Biodanza have been dancing 2 or more years, who are by now equipped with emotional, mental & spiritual tools to deep dive into their own hearts and hold safe with utmost respect and tenderness the hearts of the other dancers.


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