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Muse Meets

In-person and/or online meetings of inspiration and challenge

to create a magnificent life of health, wealth & love

In all her Muse Meet sessions, Henriette uses Non-Violent Communication. 

Abbreviated as NVC, it is also called compassionate communication or collaborative communication. She practices and teaches NVC to increase empathy and improve the quality of life of her clients and people around them.

Custom One-on-one, Couples and Group sessions using:


  • non-violent communication

  • the Enneagram

  • meditation

  • embodiment exercises of dance, breathing techniques and massage.

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Muse Meets with Henriette Joubert for personal development


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An ancient map of nine interconnected personality types, a blueprint with which we are born and, as we grow up we experience life through the filter of our self-diagnosed number.


It is a relief then to understand that our unhealthy reactions to life's challenges is not because we are 'bad', rather just our default way of thinking, feeling and reacting when under pressure.

This understanding opens the door to awareness and the possibility of growth and a healthier expression of our numbered personality type.



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Henriette also instructs and guides clients through Taoist meditations of observation, contemplation and visualization as they mindfully address unhealthy personality type behaviours.



Dancing at Home Greyscale Sepia Bright_e

Theory and practice of Biodanza is also brought in as tools to assist clients to observe and release behavioural patterns that no longer serve.


Here also, her clients benefit hugely from Henriettes' direct and personal attention.

The meaningful movements to the worlds' most beautiful music, is a dynamic mechanism to let go of negative & fearful thoughts locked in the body. Making expanded consciousness & loving kindness to self, another & others, possible.



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With roots based in ancient therapy, but with a personalised application, Healing Love Massage enables clients to connect with their life force in a more spiritual and conscious way, making relaxation & tranquility the ultimate destination.

It's about being present in the moment, accepting ourselves, especially our bodies and its responses, without judgement. Engaging all the chakras and using transference of energy.

Healing Love Massage is a deeply satisfying experience.


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