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Biodanza: Is It For You?

What is Biodanza? Is it for you? What can Biodanza do for you? In this blog post, Biodanza facilitator Henriette Joubert invites you to discover the magic of Biodanza with a class near you.

If you knew of a system to balance your body, mind and soul and have an absolutely delightful time in the process, would you use it?

What if it also boosted your health and vitality with an exhilarating, soulful workout?

And connected you meaningfully to a vibrant community of fascinating, positive and passionate people?

And deepened your awareness and satisfaction in all aspects of your life?

Well, all that and more is what I found in Biodanza, first as a novice, and later as a facilitator and then a didactic facilitator. Discovering Biodanza was a turning point in my life, and one for which I am deeply grateful.

With regular attendance of a Biodanza class I discovered through my dance what turned my light to bright, and the depth of my tenderness. I was able to practice self-acceptance, developed fulfilling relationships and love my body again.

Never before have the rich gifts of Biodanza been as dearly needed as they are now. We have collectively come through a global trauma. Recent world events have left us all with changes in our work, home lives and even our personal identities. Although we have been more networked technologically than ever before, many say we have become disconnected from each other and even ourselves. We have all been challenged to our limits.

Biodanza can help. With everything from the basic physical activity we need for health, to the release of stress and other emotional burdens, to the magic of connecting with others and simply pure enjoyment. Biodanza offers all this and so much more.

Is Biodanza for you? And what can you expect from your first class? My Biodanza Novice info kit will answer your questions. The Biodanza Novice info kit includes my in-depth video Satisfy Your Curiosity – What to Expect from your first class of Biodanza, together with all the information you need to begin your Biodanza adventure.

When you sign up for the Biodanza Novice info kit, you will receive an email with your goodies from me right away, and whenever there are special Biodanza events. (And yes, there is one coming up right here in Gauteng before the end of the year, so do sign up to find out more!) You can also opt in to receive notifications directly on Whatsapp.

Sign up for my Biodanza Novice info kit right now to begin your adventure.

I can’t wait to dance with you!

If you are ready to experience Biodanza in a live class near you in Pretoria, Centurion and the greater Gauteng region, this is your opportunity. My Biodanza classes will start again in the new year. If you are in Pretoria or Centurion, I can’t wait to welcome you! And if you are elsewhere, I would also be thrilled to refer you to excellent Biodanza facilitators near you. Find out more right away with your Biodanza Novice info kit… and let’s dance!

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