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Community Contributions – Introducing Guest Posts

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Lately I’ve been so inspired by my friends, acquaintances and subscribers. Their level of knowledge, skill and expertise has been, and continues to be, invaluable in my life.

Being so inspired I put out an offer to receive contributions to my blog and other platforms. The topic? What stirs them, in the categories Health, Wealth and Love.

And the response was astounding — raw, naked real. Everyone has a story to tell, designed and colored by their personal filters, fascinating stuff!

With such compelling material to share, I am inspired to make guest posts a regular feature here on my blog. And, for those who are not camera-shy, we can also include video, bringing contributors and followers the opportunity to get to know each other even better.

Soon to Come: A Love Song by Paul

Paul was one of the first to respond, saying that after he had written two very sad songs, a friend suggested he write a ‘happy’ one. He gave it a go.

But in the process, he came to realize that he had no idea what the word ‘love’ means. He said to me “People happily say I love you, while they also say I love liver and onions and so on.”

Paul finds himself in a very difficult quandary. I just laughed, as that indeed is the riddle of life, and suggested he write about it.

Soon after I received his contribution, a Love Song. It is sweet, tender, and funny. The story of a mature man who has lived a magnificent life of love — and heartache.

His Love Song will be the first Community Contribution to be published soon – keep an eye out for it!

Paul has decided that from January 2022 he will be joining Biodanza with Henriette for Novices. He will also meet with me as Muse monthly, to explore and discover for himself the great expansive Field of Love.

He will also be writing about his journey and sharing it with fellow subscribers in an upcoming post. Isn’t he just so brave?

It is my honor to share this journey with him!

(And yes, you will have the chance to listen to Paul’s soul-stirring music as well, so keep an eye out for his first guest post coming soon.)

Would YOU like to contribute?

With such amazing stories, insights and talents among my followers, it would be wonderful to share your unique voice here. So, the invitation is that you write in the medium of your choice: factual, storytelling, poetry etc. on any subject within the categories of Health, Wealth & Love. And in a format that you prefer too, writing, audio or video. If you would like to share your art, photography, music aligned to the themes, that is also welcome.

If your contribution aligns to the theme, my team and I will then connect with you to prepare your guest post. We aim to keep your authentic voice, keeping any editing to the absolute minimum. As a contributor, you will receive full credit as the guest author, with a brief bio and any links or contact details you would like to share. And if you prefer to use a pen name or contribute anonymously, that’s absolutely fine, too.

(Oh, and if you’re a bit nervous about the technology, don’t worry! If you can submit your ideas in the format you are comfortable with, my phenomenal team will take care of any techy stuff.)

Guest posts are hugely enriching for the Creating Health, Wealth & Love community. And for you? This can also be the perfect opportunity to share your voice. If you have been hearing the call to create but haven’t been quite sure how, this is your invitation.

If guest posting interests you, please Whatsapp me on +27(0)82 72 72 153 for more details. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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