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Credits & Acknowledgements

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

This website tells my life story and is an accurate portrayal of my life purpose.

None of what you see on my website would have been expressed so beautifully and succinctly if not for the following people:

· Lourens & Gary Joubert of GACALO – PR Consultant & Graphic Designer

· Pierre F. Lombard of Vasgevang – photographer

· Suzy Bernstein - photographer

· Marie-Thérèse Le Roux of Yazimedia – virtual media house

Lourens & Gary Joubert of GACALO Canada

They put hours and hours into ZOOM calls with me as well as research to finally design my logo and create the supporting brand guide. To these two gentlemen I give my heartfelt appreciation, their contribution to expressing who I am, is invaluable!

Pierre Lombard of Vasgevang

Pierre did exactly that! He gently, kindly, and expertly caught my essence on camera as you can see from all the portraits.

Suzy Bernstein

Suzy took all the photographs of me in action, dancing at the African Encounter December 2019, she made it so easy to dance and not feel intimidated by her camera.

Marie-Therese of Yazimedia

MT is a visionary, not only is she responsible for the design of my website, but she has also guided me from the beginning of this 18-month process. My overwhelm was received with grace, calm, and clarity, and she continues to inspire and support me still. She is MY muse!

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