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The Magnificent Life Model: An Introduction

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

How can we literally grasp the way to create the life we desire? The Magnificent Life Model is a physical representation of this process.

Sometimes in the early hours of the morning, between 1 and 3 am, I have been neither awake nor sleeping. I have rather found myself in a state of planning, imagining, creating.

It is from this state of creativity that I recently received the inspiration for my Magnificent Life Model, as well as the Perpetual Renovation Process. Two 3D animated holograms, one superimposed over the other, that in this ‘twilight zone’ as I called it, I could touch and manipulate. I could move pieces while observing how those movements affected the whole!

Over time, I downloaded bits & pieces of this concept, getting up and scribbling notes and drawing sketches. Eventually, once the downloads stopped (a process I feel I am not in control of) I took every spare moment I had to study and familiarize myself with this information.

I realized that I have had the building blocks of the Model in my consciousness for a long time; bytes came from my training as a Hospice Caregiver many years ago, some bytes from my training as a Forensic-Psychophysiologist, others from my training as a Biodanza facilitator, as well as my limited knowledge of the chakra system, laws of manifesting and lastly also from lightbulb moments during conversation with friends.

In this post, I would like to introduce you to the Magnificent Life Model.

The Magnificent Life Model

So, this Model is a map, or plan I have been subconsciously following in my life journey of personal growth.

Now, I’m giving away my age, imagine a Rubik’s Cube, then make it a sphere. AKA a Gear Ball.

A sphere with colour coded quadrants and a core, around which the quadrants move in all directions, left-right and up-down.

Here is how I envisage it.


At the center is the Core. Not only is this Core the starting point of a Magnificent Life, but it is also the destination to which we travel during our journeys of personal growth. It is also the anchor point of our life.

So, this means we grow away from the Core only to return, trusting that we are safely anchored within it.

This journey of ‘away and back’ is an instinctual one, unavoidable, and repeated many times over. Both per day and per lifetime.

The Core represents our Spiritual Health; it is our capacity to change, adapt and grow. It is the loudspeaker of our Life Purpose, humming its homing signal, perpetually. It is the adventure of Transcendence.

The Chakras channelling this Spiritual Energy of the Core are the Throat, Third Eye and Crown, wherefrom our personal growth is inspired, our intuition is clear, and our knowledge becomes conscious. The glorious colours associated are Azure, Violet and Indigo.

When living from our Core, we express our truth, see it clearly, and understand it fully, from moment to moment.


The quadrants cover our Core, neatly and tidily obscuring it from view, sometimes even from awareness.

They represent our physical-, social-, mental- and emotional health.

The Core together with the Quadrants bring together, in an ever moving, growing, and evolving fashion, our whole Magnificent Life of Health, Wealth and Love.

Quadrant 1

Quadrant 1 represents our Physical Health; it is our capacity to live life fully. It is the quality of life we are capable of from a physical perspective. It is the adventure of Vitality.

The Chakra channelling this Physical Energy is our Root, supported by our diet and hydration, level of activity and quality of rest. The associated colour is active red.

When living with healthy Vitality, I am.

Quadrant 2

Quadrant 2 represents our Social Health; the expression of our Identity, and is our capacity to connect with self, another & others in a meaningful, satisfying way. It is the quality of life we are capable of from a social perspective. It is the adventure of Sexuality.

I realize this may shock some readers, and is a whole new conversation, yet still, our identity and ability to socialise in a fulfilling way, is fundamentally governed by our sexuality. The choices we make in life are seeded here.

The Chakra channelling this Social Energy is the Sacral, limited or enhanced by our capacity to connect with others with all our senses, in pleasure. The associated colour is vibrant orange.

When living with healthy Sexuality, I feel.

Quadrant 3

Quadrant 3 represents our Mental Health, the expression of our Personality. It is the quality of life we are capable of because of our thinking and belief patterns. It is the adventure of Creativity. It is from this creative realm that we practice and play the game of life, or not.

The Chakra channelling this Mental Energy is the Solar Plexus, our centre of power and determination. From here we act or procrastinate. The associated colour is playful yellow.

When living with healthy Creativity, I do.

Quadrant 4

Quadrant 4 represents our Emotional Health, our capacity to give and receive Love. It is the quality of life we are capable of because of our relationships. It is the adventure of Affectivity. It is from this place that we express all the facets of love, from caring kindness to all, passionate commitment to another, to self-love.

The Chakra channelling this Emotional Energy is the Heart, the home of compassion and sincerity. The associated colour is luscious green.

When living with healthy Affectivity, I love.

Putting it together in Muse Meets

Now, this Model is a beauty to behold, and can be dissected and discussed in minute detail. This is something we do during Muse Meets. Conversation is always about how this Model applies to my client, and how it can be used to transcend from one state of being to another.

However, this Model on its own does not represent the action to take in our journey of transcendence. That is the job of the Perpetual Renovation Process, which I will introduce in the next article of this series.

If you would like to explore the Magnificent Life Model and its application in your own personal evolution, I would love to support your discovery with a Muse Meet tailored to your unique quest. Find out more, or book your session, at

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