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Make Getting Enough Deep Sleep A Priority, And How To Make It Happen

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

This first post of my Deep Sleep series shows why getting enough deep sleep is such a priority... and how you can make it happen.

How much sleep we get is important, and cycling through to Deep Sleep a few times per night should be our highest priority. The benefits of a good nights' sleep are plentiful, from beauty to slowing down aging, but we should be making it a priority for health reasons especially. Many of us find Deep Sleep elusive in these modern times so read on to find ways to make it happen for you.

Signs of not getting enough sleep

Are you, like I was, experiencing any of the following?

Daytime tiredness

Poor concentration

Slow to comprehend when reading

Mood changes

Increase in appetite

Memory failure

Low sex-drive

Stressed by minor inconveniences

Rely on caffeine to keep you alert

If you answered YES to 3 or more of these, you are certainly not getting enough sleep, and certainly not cycling to Deep Sleep.

A String of Articles

Over time you will find here a string of connected articles dedicated to Deep Sleep.

I will be addressing:

  • What happens when we do not cycle through to Deep Sleep often enough.

  • How many hours of sleep we need and when?

  • What happens when we sleep?

  • Benefits of Deep Sleep and why we should be making it an absolute priority.

  • What is blocking you?

  • 5 Things you should know...

  • What to do (and NOT do) should you wake!

  • Hints & Tips to help you get the Deep Sleep you need.

Here we go....

I look forward to sharing my journey of not getting the sleep I need and how I am turning it around. And I am inviting you to follow this Blog to turn your sleep around too!

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