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Navigating Sagittarius Season with Corinna Botoulas

In this Community Contributions guest post, astrology expert and educator Corinna Botoulas of CorAstrology shares unique insights into navigating the current Sagittarius season and the total solar eclipse of 4 December 2021. in this post, most of the detail is in Cor’s video below. Warm thanks to Cor for this perspective on Creating a Magnificent Life of Health, Wealth & Love from a cosmic angle. And now, over to Cor.

Navigating Sagittarius Season: Summary

In this video, Cor describes the most critical aspects of the Sun while it travels through the 30 degree area in the sky of the constellation Sagittarius. She predicts how this can affect all 12 signs and ends the video with a guided meditation honouring the wisdom of Jupiter shining its light on us.

For more details, view the full description of the video on Cor’s CorAstrology YouTube channel here. You will also find the timestamps for her discussion of different signs there if you would like a more personal interpretation of the current cycle.

About Cor

Fascinated by Astrology early in life, Corinna began formalizing her passion through her extensive studies with esteemed international academies and expert mentors, Through these studies she realized Astrology is an insightful tool to recognize the personalized unique individuality. In addition, Astrology is a tool to understand our life cycles, offering insight and support into the times of change in our lives. Corinna enjoys awakening people to their life's potential. She loves that this assists one in knowing what unique path each of us must travel to achieve wisdom. Corinna believes that a deeper self-understanding, self-compassion and self-tolerance of one's capabilities, talents, skills, and weaknesses in advance, leads to minimizing suffering while accentuating life's benefits. In addition to Astrology, Corinna Botoulas qualified as a SoulCollage® facilitator in 2016. She has successfully joined these two modalities to offer her students a profoundly personal tool for self-discovery.

"Know yourself, and you will conquer the universe."

Curious to Know More?

Cor’s 23-week Beginners Astrology course blends theory and experiential Astrology. The course starts on the 3rd March 2022, and early bookings are open now. Learn more here.

Get In Touch

Find Cor online at her CorAstrology YouTube channel. Details of her Beginners Astrology course are available here. For enquiries, contact her at

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