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The Perpetual Renovation Process – An Introduction

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

How do we Create a Magnificent Life of Health, Wealth and Love? The answer to this question is what we explore in this post.

Sometimes in the early hours of the morning, 1-3 am, I have been neither awake nor sleeping. I have found myself in a state of planning, imagining, creating.

It is from this state of creativity that I recently received the inspiration for my Magnificent Life Model, as well as this Perpetual Renovation Process.

Two 3D animated holograms, one superimposed over the other, that in this ‘twilight zone’ as I called it, I could touch and manipulate. I could move pieces while observing how those movements affected the whole!

The Perpetual Renovation Process

So, this Perpetual Renovation Process is a plan of action I have been subconsciously following in my life journey to a Magnificent Life.

Now, I’m giving away my age, but to visualize it, imagine a Rubik’s Cube. Then make it a sphere. AKA a Gear Ball.

A sphere with colour coded quadrants and a core, around which the quadrants move in all directions, left-right and up-down.



At the centre is the Declaration. Not only is this Declaration the starting point of a Magnificent Life, but it is also the destination to which we travel during our journeys of personal growth. The Declaration is a contract with self, a SMART goal we wish to achieve.

This means that our Declaration is our starting point, we begin our journey from where we wish to end.


The Quadrants covering our Declaration represent a Process of Observation, Restoration, Transformation and finally Preservation. These quadrants are perpetually cycling vertically.

The Declaration together with the Quadrants create, in an ever moving, growing, and evolving fashion, our whole Magnificent Life of Health, Wealth and Love.

Quadrant 1 – Observation

“If you can measure it, you can improve it”

— Sami Inkinen, entrepreneur, Iron Man & adventurer.

It is important to know what the starting point is or was. Without changing anything, only observe.

I propose to Observe by means of taking photographs & measurements and tracking them. Keeping a journal to help you check important markers.

The purpose of this Observation period is to work out exactly with what, and with whom time is being spent, to determine how better to allocate energy.

Quadrant 2 – Restoration

Determine what needs to be let go

During Restoration a pronounced adaptation process is put in motion.


I propose a list of Red, Orange, and Green habits related to the Declaration. Green habits are to be done more often, Orange habits/actions are acknowledged and indulged with discretion. Those on your Red list are acknowledged, but not focussed on.

We revitalise life with focus on well-established good habits and actions from the Green list, which will eventually push those on the Red list into history.

Quadrant 3 – Transformation

This is the time to act with decisiveness and cultivate new habits. During transformation you'll see improvement, but you will still need to apply a lot of self-love to establish those healthy thoughts and habits.

I propose a process of tracking, journaling, and checking recorded data.

By the time the Declaration at the Centre of the Perpetual Renovation Process is achieved, we are no longer who we were. We are transformed in all the Magnificent Life Model quadrants too.

Quadrant 4 – Preservation

Habituate new patterns

In this Preservation Quadrant our newly acquired state is now our natural state.

And FOREVER rules apply

  • Edit and add to the Green list of thoughts and actions with focus on applying these

  • Edit and add to the Orange & Red lists. Simply acknowledge them.

  • Keep your mind and heart open for new and other tools to keep growing.

Putting it together in Muse Meets

Now, this Process is a beauty to behold, and can be dissected and discussed in minute detail. This is something we do during Muse Meets.

Conversation is always about how this Process applies to my client, and how it can be used to transcend from one state of being to another. While the structure of the Process is universal, its application to each individual is unique.

However, this Process on its own does not represent our whole journey of transcendence.

The Magnificent Life Model we explored in an earlier post is animated by the Perpetual Renovation Process and in my next article I’ll show how this works.

Explore & Discover the Perpetual Renovation Process through Muse Meets

If you would like to explore the Magnificent Life Model and its application in your own personal evolution, I would love to support your discovery with a Muse Meet tailored to your unique quest.

To find out more, visit Or send me a quick Whatsapp message at 082 727 2153 with the message: MUSE MEETS + Your Name, and I will personally respond with the details.

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