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The Enso

Meaning of the Enso

The word, Enso, means “circle” or “circular form” and often translates to “Zen circle” in English. It represents the wholeness of experience, it is non-duality. And this drawn symbol commonly comes to represent enlightenment, limitless strength, the universe, or mu (the void or no-thing). When drawing the symbol, the stroke is personal to the artist.

Meaning of the Enso as my logo

The Enso logo for me personally, epitomizes the continuous exploration & discovery of a Magnificent Life of Health, Wealth & Love. On this website the logo then represents the coming together of many years of dreaming, planning, and growing into who I have become. Actually it was just a becoming of who I already was:

  • Muse

  • Facilitator

  • Speaker

  • Writer

Let's be clear, a magnificent life does not mean everything is perfect, it simply means a conscious decision has been made to approach life with an attitude of exploration and discovery!

The process of the Enso

Each experience is entered into from the open end of the Enso, with no expectation but simply to explore and discover. And the experience takes as long as is needed for it to be whole and complete, where it naturally ends.

The opening left after the stroke has tapered off represents contemplation of the experience, the time needed to reach understanding and acceptance of the whole experience, as well as the end, only to lead yet again to a new beginning.

When living the Enso, the experience is personal to each individual too.

May your continuous journey also be with an attitude of exploration and discovery!

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