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What happens when we don't get enough Deep Sleep?

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

In this post, the second of my Deep Sleep series, we look into the far-reaching consequences of not getting enough sleep. Prepare for a whole new level of respect for that precious shut-eye.

During a good night’s rest, we cycle through the different stages of sleep quite a few times and when we do not get enough Deep Sleep, amongst other things our heart does not get to rest, and metabolic regeneration cannot take place.

Without Deep Sleep our heart does not rest and metabolic regeneration does not take place

What is Deep Sleep?

Hopefully before going to bed, we would be in a calm and relaxed state, called homeostasis that allows for brainwave transition from one stage of sleep to the next.

What are the stages of Deep Sleep?


Non-REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep where our heart rate and breathing slows down and our eyes begin to relax, which is relatively short, lasting only minutes.


During stage two our heart rate and breathing rate slow down even more. Our muscles relax further, and eye movement stop, body temperature also goes down.


In stage 3 our brain waves slow down further while bursts of electrical signals in the brain send cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flushing through our brain and spinal cord.

HINT - the most important stage of sleep.


REM sleep is the fourth stage of the sleep cycle, about 90 minutes after falling asleep, where our eyes dart back and forth behind closed eyelids. This state is closer to the wakeful state than the other stages of sleep. Brain waves start to resemble the brain waves of the wakeful state and our heartbeat and breathing rate speed up.

During a good night’s sleep on average, we cycle through these stages 4-5 times. As CSF increases, blood flow decreases in the brain, meaning the heart is resting and metabolic regeneration can kick in. Vital tissues all throughout the body are repaired, especially in the brain. Brain cells regenerate, proteins are cleaned out that contribute to keeping memory and optimize cognitive function. And the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is released.

Deep Sleep contributes to keeping diseases such as stroke, diabetes, and cancer at bay, it also fortifies us with the emotional, mental, and physical strength to live life fully.

Deep Sleep keeps disease at bay and fortifies us to live life fully.

What happens when we do not cycle through the 4 stages?

When our brain and spinal cord are not flushed with CSF regularly our heart does not get to rest, and metabolic regeneration cannot kick in; vital tissues throughout our body are not repaired, and proteins in the brain stay put, clogging up neural pathways. Not getting enough Deep Sleep will result in:

· Faster aging

· Rapid weight gain

· Tired and run-down appearance

· decreased immunity

How do I get enough Deep Sleep?

We need to be in a state of homeostasis before heading for bed and relearning how to attain homeostasis is easy, but it requires kind thoughts to self, and right action, repeatedly.

Wondering how you can do this? Well, wonder no more! I have a solution, and as it has worked for me, I have no doubt that it would work for you too.

These Guided Preparation to Deep Sleep video tutorials, where you learn how to reduce stress, relax and calm yourself into homeostasis, is what worked for me. Check out the Full Collection which is available at -30% until 31st July 2021.

You deserve Deep Sleep!

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